I’m a high net worth individual investor and I’ve been happily using Peer Lending Server for several months already. I recommend PLS enthusiastically for several reasons. The PLS software service is the best product I’ve come across in the peer lending niche, and I’ve done a lot of due diligence. I’ve taken the time to get to know the founder and I was pleased to see that the product has its roots in a self-interested development effort designed to manage the founder’s own family peer lending investments. It helps that this founder/developer is a brilliant IT professional with a passion and credentials in finance and artificial intelligence. He has diligently refined the operating performance and expanded the PLS feature set. If you’re in search of a secure, dependable and enlightened method to automate your peer lending underwriting and investing look no further. PLS is the ideal peer lending solution for sophisticated investment professionals. Albert J. Angel, Miami Beach, FL
I have been investing in social lending since 2009 (current NAR of 12.63%) and have been using the Peer Lending Server (PLS) application, or earlier versions of it, for about five months. I am familiar with the class of statistical models applied by this solution and I am very positively impressed with PLS’ performance. Although my portfolios built based on the PLS tool are relatively young, they significantly outperform my remaining portfolios at the time they had equivalent average maturity. To illustrate, at about 4 months age, the percentage of the amount of investment that was late/defaulted is about 5 times (.011%) lower for the portfolios built based on PLS in comparison to those that are not (.050%). I look forward continue investing using PLS! -Marcus C, GA