Version 3.4 Released

New Features

Interest Rate Credit Risk Spread: New in version 3.4, you can now select loans based on potential return on investment expressed as the difference between the borrower’s annualized interest rate and expected default rate.  The spread represents potential return relative to risk.

Lending Club does not provide expected default rates for historical loans.   We have statistically generated an expected default rate for all historical and in-funding loans. Historical analysis can also be used to see portfolio performance based on these values.

We also added a few more preset filters which use the interest rate credit risk spread.  Simply choose a preset and start using the pre-configured filter in to select loans.

Interest Rate and Credit Risk Spread


New Tabs in Browse Notes Window:  Based on user feedback, we have added additional tabs in the browse notes window to show filtered notes excluding notes you already own, filtered notes you already own.

Additional tabs


Complete Change Log:

  • Added hide columns option to configuration window
  • Added minute delay option between notes downloads
  • Added 3 new tabs to browse window to show filtered notes already owned
  • Changed status text to include SA modelling
  • Obtain notes owned with every service start even if notes delay has not expired
  • Added PLS expected default rate to historical loans using PLS statistical models.  Lending Club does not provide its expected default rate in its historical database.
  • Added PLS expected default rate to in-funding loans
  • Added new AI filter of interest rate and credit risk spread
  • Disabled filter window from opening if analytics is running
  • Fixed historical analytics error when filtering fields only found in current notes database (exp_default_rate,service_fee_rate, etc)
  • Automated preset filter creation using saved filters
  • Added survival probability and rate-risk-spread to analytics
  • Added additional consistency and error checking

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