Completely automated Lending Club order creation and submission based on custom filters. Scheduled execution times to align with batch loan listings.

Blazingly Fast

Our search and modeling technology happens in a small fraction of a second allowing investors the ability to make educated investment decisions while capturing even the most popular notes.

Machine Learning

Professionally underwrite each loan in seconds using sophisticated artificial intelligence. Both mature and current notes are modeled including forward looking loss curves.

Historical Analytics

Backtest your filter criteria using historical portfolio analysis. Understand how your filter has performed over time to gauge future performance.

Easy to Use

Peer Lending Server is pre-installed and requires no technical knowledge. Simply run the appliance to start managing your Lending Club account today.  Use preset filters to kick start your portfolio.

Maximize Return

Discover the tools professional investors use to maximize return and reduce risk. Peer Lending Server is designed to out-perform professional underwrites and efficiently assess credit risk.

Value Proposition
  • Underwrite and invest in loans in a split second
  • Professional loan analysis based on statistical evidence.
  • Fully automated API
  • Multiple filters including ratios and calculated results
  • New loan list detection
  • Historical analytics
Machine Learning
  • Sophisticated gradient boosted¬†model for mature loan classification
  • Rapid loan prediction/classification
  • Simple to configure minimum probability of being fully paid
  • Easy to understand. No technical knowledge required
  • Analytics provide projected ROI
  • Complete turn-key Lending Club investment solution
  • Lending Club API Compliant
  • Loan list detection
  • Execution of saved Lending Club filters for ultimate order speed
  • Schedule service to the hour and minute
  • Detailed log of each transaction
  • Loans already purchased by PLS are excluded
  • Configurable maximum loan(s) per order as safeguard
  • Configurable investment dollar amount
  • Configurable option to disable order submission
  • Maintain minimum cash level
  • Configurable maximum percent of notes per order allowed
  • Back test custom filters
  • Instant and Projected ROI
  • Extended return metrics
  • Loan status including Paid, Default and Late statistics
  • Bar and pie charts for quick visual inspection
  • Common field categories for multiple perspectives/views
  • Preset filters
  • Custom filters to match your loan selection strategy
  • Filter includes artificial intelligence fields for ROI projection
  • Extensive help included with each field

Easy to Use

  • Most are investing within minutes!
  • A few easy steps to configure, filter and run automated investing
  • Desirable “set and forget” technology