Why do I need to install VirtualBox to run PLS?

We initially designed peer lending server to run as an institutional, physical server running on top of enterprise linux.  This provides security and protection from viruses, malware, and other malicious software that can compromise security and quality of the product.  VirtualBox enables you to run this isolated environment on all major operating systems such as Windows and Macintosh.  There are many advantages with this type of design including:

  • No installation required.  Every component is already pre-installed inside the appliance.  Simply import the appliance into VirtualBox, click “Start”.  You do not need to install any files in multiple places of your computer.  No third party software such as java, .net are required.
  • Simplifies support.  With a controlled environment, it is less likely that third party configuration issues will affect function.  All to often, different operating systems can affect software in different ways leading to the “It doesn’t work on my machine” problem.  In theory, all environments should operate exactly the same inside virtualbox.
  • Secured environment.  Linux is inherently a secure operating system used by most large and small organizations.  Virtualization provides another layer of security as well.
  • Virus free.  Even if you get a virus on your computer.  It will not infect PLS as it is its own isolated environment.
  • Stable.  Linux has a long track record of uptime and performance.  We have tuned the environment to run as efficiently as possible.
  • Portable.  Want to move the environment to another system?  It’s easy to migrate the environment without having to do a uninstall, install and reconfigure typically required with OS specific software.  Simply copy the image to another server running
  • Multi-user flexibility.  You can import multiple PLS appliances on the same computer configured with different accounts.
  • And more…