Artificial Intelligence

You can successfully underwrite loans quickly and easily by leveraging our on-board artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence deciphers complex relationships, improves efficiency and avoids errors. Put our machine learning processes to work for you by making timely and informed underwriting decisions.


Lending Club orders are completely automated based on custom filter parameters. Peer Lending Server is compliant with Lending Club's new RESTful API.

Historical Analytics

Backtest your filtering criteria using Lending Club's historical database of loans. Peer Lending Server provides a robust suite of tools to benchmark a portfolio. Many statistical metrics are provided including instantaneous and projected ROI. Improve confidence by using the past to help predict the future!

Easy To Use

Peer Lending Server is flexible and easy to use. Follow a few easy steps and be installed and investing in about ten minutes. Our "set it and forget it" philosophy guards your valuable free time by eliminating the complexity and hassle of manual filtering.

Maximize Return on Investment

Improve return by using state of the art technology to select prime Lending Club loans. Avoid common mistakes including trial and error, and poor third party recommendations. Take an unbiased and statistically proven approach to invest with confidence.

External Data

Peer Lending Server includes additional data points to help gauge each loan's credit worthiness. Our statistical models include macro economic data to help investors maximize their return and significantly reduce risk.

Peer Lending Server Promotional Video

Peer Lending Server Promotional Video

It's Free!

Powerful technology used by hedge funds, banks and expert underwriters! Take your peer to peer portfolio to the next level!

Peer Lending Server is not just another “Auto Invest” application.  We focus on arguably the single most important factor of success in peer to peer lending, underwriting! Our machine learning models are found in the most sophisticated platforms. PLS underwrites and filters loans in in a fraction of a second when new loans are listed.  Historical analytics provide current and projected return on investment which is a much more accurate way of evaluating loan strategies. Whether you are new to peer lending or a pioneer, Peer Lending Server maximizes return while reducing risk in an easy to use, automated application.  Stay tuned for more valuable features planned for upcoming releases!


Save Time and Invest in Better Loans!

  • Lightning Fast Search and Modeling Technology
    Peer Lending Server is designed to be fast and efficient.  PLS uses in-memory technology and avoids expensive ETL routines found in traditional database systems.  The result is an extremely fast method of capturing even the most popular notes at list time.
  • Cherry-Pick the Best Loans Using Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence
    Discover the secrets financial institutions have used for years to professionally underwrite loans. Increase return by selecting loans supported by statistical evidence instead of intuition and third party recommendation.
  • Set and Forget Automation with Enhanced Scheduling
    Peer Lending Server is designed to run as an automated service after configuration. Easy service scheduling and automatic detection of note listing provides fast order execution.
  • No Sharing Your Account Password or Resources
    Peer Lending Server is the only professional solution available today which allows you to invest in P2P loans from the safety of your own computer. No need to share your password with a third party, or stand in line waiting for shared resources with other members. Peer Lending Server runs on your own computer allowing you to be first in line when shopping for loans!
  • Back Test Filters with Historical Analytics
    Understand the characteristics and historical performance of your filter criteria with historical analytics. Internal rate of return calculated from borrower payment history. Detailed real-time graphs and loss curves are included to gauge projected return.
  • Portfolio Analysis
    Shows the current state of all notes you own including grace period. Each note record also includes the number of days left before entering the next state such as going from grace period to late 16-30 days.  In addition, statistical analysis is also provided for all notes. (Experimental Feature)


Four Reasons to Try Peer Lending Server!

Machine Learning

1Traditionally, underwriting requires a significant amount of time and uses only a handful of credit variables. However, Peer Lending Server uses powerful technology to assess variables and model strategies that reduce risk and improve ROI.


2Investing in peer to peer loans can be time consuming and laborious. Most potential investors don’t have the time to wait out and sift through loans that sporadically become available on the Lending Club platform. PLS automates your acquisition of desired loans with robotic efficiency, according to limits and parameters that you can “set and forget”.


3Back test your filters with analytic tools to provide historical returns including instantaneous and projected ROI. We include our unique, forward looking loss curves to help project risk over time. Discover and employ new search and filtering criteria to optimize your loan selection and ROI.

Fast and Furious

4Speed of execution is vital to securing loans that have the highest potential ROI. The proverbial saying “The early bird gets the worm” has never been more important.  Don’t let institutions and professional investors leave you with sub-prime loans. PLS is designed to enable anyone to invest like a professional.

I have been investing in social lending since 2009 (current NAR of 12.63%) and have been using the Peer Lending Server (PLS) application, or earlier versions of it, for about five months. I am familiar with the class of statistical models applied by this solution and I am very positively impressed with PLS’ performance. Although my portfolios built based on the PLS tool are relatively young, they significantly outperform my remaining portfolios at the time they had equivalent average maturity. To illustrate, at about 4 months age, the percentage of the amount of investment that was late/defaulted is about 5 times (.011%) lower for the portfolios built based on PLS in comparison to those that are not (.050%). I look forward continue investing using PLS! -Marcus C, GA